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    As long as your PC, Mac or Linux machine can go online! then we can help you 100% of the time. If you cant get online just call us and we can help you over the phone!
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    Good question. We use TeamViewer, a world know remote connect client software technology, that is safe and secure. It is a what you see on your screen is what you get in service. You will be able to see every click our technicians perform on your screen.
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    Fast computers means a fast life, and in today's world we all need our machines as fast as the day we bought them.

Online Computer Help & Remote Tech Support - TDR - RTS

Online Computer Help & Remote Tech Support - TDR - RTS

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Operating Systems Help


Version 7, 8, & 10: We can remotely fix your windows PC issues. Slow Computer? Viruses? No problem for our experts. We will remove your malware, Clean the Trojans and tune-up your system


We are Mac Certified! We handle all Mac related issues quickly and painlessly. We solve the mac problems remotely and you will love our Apple service, They call is Genius Bar Squared!


Are you one of the few people that has a Linux machine? Not that many experts are out there, If you need help with your Debian or RedHat system, Desktop or Shell, We have you covered remotely!

Specialized Plans

Home Users

      ANNUAL PLAN $144.99(up to 3 devices)
    • 24x7 Dedicated Helpline
    • Support upto 2 computers
    • Free 1 Year PC Antivirus
    • Access to Microsoft Certified Technicians
    • Data Recovery Solution
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Business User

    ANNUAL PLAN $369.99
  • Server Maintanence
  • Network maintanence
  • Support up to 10 computers
  • Access to Microsoft Certified Server Team
  • Data recovery option
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Cloud management

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Remote Network Devices Help


We Remotely fix your bad WiFi. Yes that's right, Just stay on the phone with our technician in case we lose connectivity. We are able to boost your slow internet issues and configure your WiFi router and cable modem

Printers & Scanners

If you want to install a printer or scanner, or you want advanced help configuring it to work with every one of your machines at home, we can help you with that too! We can setup Printer and scanner sharing or WiFi printing and Scanning

Camera Systems

We can troubleshoot Most common camera security issues remotely, that's right. No one has to physically be there, Our Engineers can walk you through installation and configuration

We can remotely Fix your Laptop or Desktop

We are offering the best online computer help service. We are so easy to use. Just purchase the online help ticket, and download the online client and someone will be connecting to your machine to help you remotely. As long as you have an internet connection, no matter how bad your machine could be we will help you! We will help you remotely with Serious Issues, Common problems, and Help using programs and special features!

We are the computer experts with 15 years supporting global customers, no matter where in the world you are we can help you! Yes this is World Wide Support with the quality of what the USA has to offer in online computer services. We deal with Windows PC, Apple Macintosh, and Linux/Unix systems. We work on laptops, desktops, workstation, servers, and virtual machines.

Remote Tech Support Blog

23 March 2017
We have started to help remote businesses with there Microsoft SQL database replication processes. We have successfully implemented Merge Replication, Transactional Replication and Snapshot Replication. Merge replication requires a unique column for the data and might not be suitable for all custom applications. Also Transactional Replication has the same limitation though it only needs a primary Key in every table. Snapshot replication however is the slowest but replicates the database on a level which is an exact copy of the original database, and does not require any extra columns or primary key restrictions. The specific client wanted replication from their local office to AWS Amazon Web Services server. We were able to open the required ports and configure the replication securely over Access List in the firewall. Mirror replication however was unsuccessful due to problems on the live Database server, troubleshooting it means we have to take the server down, which is not an option for this 99% highly available database.
06 February 2017
We had a strange request, to recover media files from a smashed phone, Luckily the phone was turning on. So we were able to remote into the customers machine and have her physically connect the phone to a computer, then we were able to extract her files from the Samsung s7... At first the phone didn't want to communicate but we installed some special drivers and then it was talking. Customer was happy with the data recovery from her phone.
25 January 2017
Client calls for immediate help as his windows server 2012 halted for some reason, After trying to boot it up in safe mode we realize that it ran out of disk space. main culprit was the Log files! IIS log files, re mediated issue quickly with compression of folder. and was able to boot normally so we can start archiving older files and move things to external USB
24 January 2017
Supported a very good client to install sane software for advanced scanning. Using command line sane-genesys, command scanimage, and trained customer on how to get no LAMP option and how to save the files. Was a great time trying out a new Linux software, configuring and running the scanning software! Scanner is a Canon CanoScan 210 and software ran CLI. Update: Customer Purchased New scanner. And default scanning was on old scanner USB. Issued command scanimage -L to get the new scanner string. and then issued -d option for the new scanner. This started the sane software to work with the new scanner. and it was set as default.